Our firm

Created in 1930, Conserves Nora has been a part of one of the main Moroccan food-processing groups. It’s present both on the Moroccan market as well as international one.

Conserves Nora is built on a 10 hectare surface which 4,5h of it is covered, Nora is situated near by the City of Meknès, to the heart of one of the most agricultural regions of Morocco.

Our main activity is the manufacturing of fruit juice and canned food of small peas. To be able to master the quality and the volume of our supplies as well as the traceability we control our own agriculture production cycle in our farms.


To give more choices our clients, Nora extended its activity of production to new products such as:
Mushrooms (terfess, morels and ceps); prunes; olive oil; the canned food of olives; the oreillon of apricots in the syrup; artichokes; the beldi lemon; the pili pili hot pepper; fruit juices; French beans and mumps of deep-frozen apricots.

Contact us
Adress : Km 17, National road Fès-Meknès Sebaâ Aiyoun - Morocco
Phone : +212 (05) 35 54 61 47/48
Fax : +212 (05) 35 54 60 36
E-mail : contact@norafood.net